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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  August 18, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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continue until 3:00 a.m. and remember not to cross a flooded street. back to you. the rain came fast and furious this morning, making it a miserable commute. we have stories from virginia, d.c. and maryland. and we begin from lindsey mathis live. >> reporter: i'm out here at little falls parkway and the road just opened up 10 minutes ago. park police were able to finally open up the road. it was closed from massachusetts avenue down to river road. and if you look and see the intersection is still out of power. so there is still a little bit of slower traffic coming through the area but obviously this is a route people like to take home. but earlier today on the river roadside there was a lot of water all morning. this driver made a splash as he drove through the floodwater. but most drivers took their team, getting all the way over on the higher side of the road. >> yeah, we lost electricity
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and everything. >> reporter: but this driver in a hurry didn't seem to notice the flooding in time. >> of course you have the idiot that's go through it 90 miles per hour. >> reporter: dan siegel lives across the street. >> i wept up there this morning through the water before they closed the road. they have one car up there now caught in the water. there will be more. >> reporter: police finally put up tape and the roads remained closed until after 2:00, causing headaches for drivers. >> they take the horns away and they won't know what to do. >> reporter: it was the same story in bray burn. little falls parkway closed between river and massachusetts avenue. the rushing water rose and started covering the road. even now the water remains high. and of course the water is continuing to recede. much of the video you saw was
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from this morning around 9 -- 9:30. the road remained closed because of the threat of rain and the second was to clear some debris because when the water did come up, there were some trees and some branches that went on the roadway. but again, little falls parkway now open after being closed for much of the day. reporting live in bethesda, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> that's good news for the drive back home. thank you. in virginia it was tales of flooded roads and stranded drivers. this was the scene along lawyers road in virginia. surae chinn has taken to higher ground. i understand some bridges are at risk. >> reporter: not only at risk, but falling apart. this is a piece of the roadway on top of the bridge. you can see the yellow dividing line. and the water just ripped it apart. and this isn't light-weight either. it is heavy. about 7 pounds. that, and then there it is,
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breaking apart, but the water caused some issues there. too much water and havoc everywhere. >> it was raining, and i skidded and my car stuck here and the water came up really fast. >> reporter: raging water merely submerged this driver and her water on river road in hunters mill. drivers forced to turn around but it didn't stop everyone from taking a chance. the gushing river stranded a driver of this car at old courthouse and bentley road. the layers of bula and browns million road peeled apart like an onion with branches poking threw. debris and toys scattered the bridge. a nearby neighbor couldn't believe it. >> i was shocked how high it came. you could see the water rise inch by inch. >> reporter: this raging river came so fast it swelled and buckled the road. >> you can imagine being in a
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car and the water is rising up. >> reporter: carol hobbs watched as a driver was pulled from her car on georgetown pike. >> it's scary for me because i'm thinking, oh, my gosh, and there is a possibility that the car could get washed away. >> reporter: making sure that didn't happen were members of the fairfax fire and rescue who have already responded to more than a dozen calls. >> the concern, you can see it on people's faces when they get to them and they don't know what to do and how to get out. >> it could have been far worse. but it was bad enough. >> reporter: fairfax county received 13 water emergency calls. most of them were water rescues and people stuck in their car. in one case, they were describing how someone was rescued and they ran back to their car because she said she forgot something. fairfax county fire and rescue said that's a big no-no. leslie, back to you. >> if it's a decision about saving your life or that item,
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leave it for sure. thank you. if we see any flooding today, topper said it won't be until tomorrow morning. in the district crews are making sandbags available to those who want them. there is a limit of four per household. the department of public works is passing them out at their facility. many did not find a smoother ride waiting for them today. this is the scene along canal road. look at the backup. the commuter route was blocked at arizona because of the flooding you see there. alex trevino continues our coverage from northwest washington. >> reporter: we have quite a bit -- we have quite a bit of a mess here in front of this home in northwest washington. this tree has been cut down, so about 100 pieces after it fell down during this morning's storm. wet, weak trees are a widespread problem for people.
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while crews worked to cut down this big tree on engle mar and nebraska, pepco was preparing the -- repairing the wires it brought down. >> it was just a sudden big loud bam. >> reporter: the power outages did not affect this neighbor as it did others in the neighborhood. and on south dakota, more problems on another day. d.c. firefighters put out a fire when wires were burning on a tree. >> what was unusual about this is when the breaker blew, it went through the windshield of a car coming down the street. >> reporter: ground saturation has caused trees to tip over on cars. one on the 1600 block of hobart and another one here near woodley park. >> now we're running into problems today due to the heavy rains with trees not snapping due to the high winds. but actually they are being uprooted due to the soft soil and they are taking down the
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wires with them. >> reporter: motorrismists need to be -- motorists need to worry about trees veering over because of the danger. anita. >> thank you so much. one driver near the wilson bridge got a jarring reminder of the wet pavement. this ford explorer spun out south of i-295. the suv hopped the guard rail before coming to a stop. let's get a check on this evening's rush hour with patranya. >> this isn't going to be a fun rush hour for folks trying to get home, with many of the secondary roads affected by high water and flooding. we'll start in bethesda. this is river road. this is shut down. all lanes are blocked because of high-standing water and a downed tree in the area. take bradley to wilson lane to get back on river road. now to get up on -- this is actually probably just gone beach drive, closed between
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franklin and old spring. the icon disappeared but the road may be effected. take cedar lane around it. and new york avenue, people are taking this as a bailout because of rhode island closed as franklin street. all lanes are blocked. right now new york avenue looking good. we'll talk more about roads closed in virginia due to high standing water coming up in the next half an hour. ladies, back to you. and you talked about the water main break. this was at the height of this morning's rain, the water main that broke at franklin street and rhode island avenue. we were told that the 1500 block is still closed for repair and some customers can expect to lose service while the pipe is fixed. a woman and child were injured this morning when hit by a car. it happened in the 800 block of southern avenue in d.c. near owens road. the driver hit the family and then hit a boat parked nearby. that driver is in custody tonight charged with wreckless driving and driving without a
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license. and disturbing new information coming out about what happened in the days before a university of virginia student was murdered. yeardley love of cockeysville, maryland was found dead in her apartment may 3rd. her ex boyfriend and fellow lacrosse player is charged with killing her. andrea caron is live with documents released today. >> reporter: today we have 16 pages of new documents related to the case, but many of the details have been redacted. still the search warrant affidavits reveal that the uva couple had a fight days before her murder and according to the documents the exchange was so heated that love struck her ex boyfriend during the incident. police werable to extract e- mail fragments from the memory of her laptop, written by love
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to haguely. according to the affidavit, the e-mail from love to haguely provides evidence of a prior fight between the two. at the request of the prosecutors, a text of the e- mail was blocked out on the copy made public. but also in the affidavit, a charlottesville detective wrote that a sorority sisters saw a fight in which love hit haguely with his purse in his apartment. haguely is being held without bond. he told police he kicked in love's bedroom door and shook her and her head hit the wall several times. the medical examiner's office reported that love dried of blunt force trauma. haguely's lawyer said the death was accidental. >> thank you. a dramatic struggle for life was caught on 911. but not everyone survived. today a prince george's county judge ended it. two life sentences were handed
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down and scott broom has reaction. >> someone just did what, ma'am? >> reporter: calling 911, a pregnant jenay fountain after a attacker tied her up and slashed her throat. her husband and friend were already dead or dying in rosaryville in march of 2009. >> my husband is bleeding to death. can't you just come. >> reporter: fountain was the sole survivor and today the scars were visible. she held the baby born months after. her husband, maurice, died along with la prince hall. today the killer, 35-year-old lawrence thomas covington, a former employee, was sentenced to life without parole and a second life term thanks to the eyewitness testimony. >> fountain and hall will never be brought back to us. >> we do have the blessing of my granddaughter, but there will never be any complete
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closure for us. >> reporter: this was covington's second trial. the first time around ended in a hung jury because of a lack of physical evidence. but this time around the jury went along with the eyewitness testimony of the brave survivor and it's cost covington two life terms. in upper marlboro, scott broom, 9 news now. >> in today's sentencing, covington denied any involvement in the murders. still ahead, what to do if this rain sends water inside your house. whole numbers about president obama's handling of the economy hit a new low. i'm joel brown at the white house with the story coming up. wcwcwcwc
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the last day of president obama's three-day fundraising trip took him from the midwest
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to florida. his campaign style journey is raising millions for democrats running for office but he's also trying to reassure voters about the economy. joel brown is live at the white house with a look at why that's going to be such a tough sell. joel? >> reporter: lesli, the president has some time before he needs to worry about re- election but there is more reason to believe that a growingly frustrated public will take out their economic frustration on the president's party. president obama is pushing his economic plans everywhere from high dollar fundraisers to this ohio backyard. he met with people in a columbus neighborhood on the last day of a multi-state campaign style swing across its country, aiming at fixing the nation's economic problems. >> we can't go back to doing things the way we were doing them before. we have to go forward. >> reporter: a new associated press poll shows 61% of voters think the economy has stayed
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the same or gotten worse since he took office. now he's asking for patience. >> a lot of it is sort of like recovering from an illness. you get stronger each day and you take a few more steps each day. >> reporter: but the obama administration is running short on time. the president has less than three months to convince voters he's got a plan to revive the sagging economy. in november a third of the u.s. senate in every seat in the house of representatives is up for grabs. the white house is fighting hard to help democrats stay in power. so the president can advance his agenda. his top aids are taking no chances. they've paired his speeches on the economy with big fundraisers. president obama has raised millions of dollars this weekend for democratic candidates, facing tough races in the fall. >> so the president is up against strong head winds here. 91% of the people polled list the economy as the nation's top problem. unemployment is not far behind. lesli. >> joel, let's try to find some
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good news. is there any good news for the president in the poll numbers? >> you have to dig hard here. no doubt the public is growing frustrated here but the poll shows 75% of americans don't think it's realistic to expect the president to have made a noticeable turnaround in the economy, at least not after 18 months in office. joel brown reporting. thank you. another issue that has plagued the president, his remarks over plans to build a mosque in lower manhattan. today he said he had no regrets for saying he believes organizers have the right to build the mosque but he questioned the wisdom of placement. in a new poll out today a majority of new yorkers, 63%, say they oppose the project. just 27% of those asked support it. and when asked if they thought developers had the right to build the mosque, those numbers split almost identically. a new poll in the d.c. mayor race finds the candidates
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neck and neck. vincent gray was given a 3 point lead over mayor fenty. but the telephone poll had a 4.4% margin of error. the candidates met today on a forum and much of the debate focused on the city school systems and teacher layoffs. >> if the city council had not cut the school system's budget by $20 million, all of those teachers who were quote, unquote, rift would still have their job today. >> the council said let's reduce the size of summer school. that doesn't happen for ten months and we'll work hard to put the money back. the chancellor admitted in a hearing before the counsel, i didn't like that because i didn't want to do that, so i fired more teachers instead of reducing the size of summer school. mayor knows that, and he should own up to it. >> if we didn't have the cut, we would have the teachers and summer school. >> council worked hard and we raised revenue and made responsible cuts. you and your chancellor chose
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to cut the teachers. >> the district primary is september 14th. >> we have a bit of an active air mass. >> can we switch them? >> we can't switch them even after the rain. but the good news, round two is not a big deal. flood watch continues but i think they'll cancel that before 3:00 a.m. but the second round not doing you any good for the evening commute. but still no heavy downpours. it's over. if you follow me on twitter, you would know that. let's check out this video in eastern colorado for a minute. look at the debris. this is in nine mile corners, eastern colorado. >> you say tornadoes. >> there you go. but notice the debris in that one. that is what really causes all of the injuries. and they caught this near brush also in eastern colorado. and rope tornadoes usually form when the plain is dying but it will keep a skinny shape for a long time. look at the debris and that's
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why you get away from windows and in a basement if you can. and for the next three days, we can't change the air mass. upper 80s tomorrow, maybe a few clouds to start. then we're right back in the low 90s on friday and saturday. some good news for saturday. we've removed the thunderstorm. so it looks like the redskin game will be dry. but rather hot. gametime temperatures well into the 80s. we'll break down tomorrow for you. 72 to start, lingering clouds. 82 by lunchtime. 88 by evening. a slight chance -- a slight chance -- of an isolated thunderstorm. few and far between. temperatures, we got a break on that. because of the heavy rain and clouds. low 70s across the board. 73 downtown. 72 in gaithersburg. 71 in hagerstown. and only 68 in oakland. so that's a pretty tightly bunched group of numbers because of the cloud cover and all of the heavy rain. we'll talk about the flood watch. it still continues. it includes loudoun and montgomery county, howard county and points south until 3:00 a.m. i think the rain that will roll
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through here won't provide any additional flooding. you may still have problems from this morning's rain. we'll look at the 9 future cast. we can put this in motion. you can see a little more heading our way. maybe a tenth of an inch, two- tenths of an inch and tomorrow skies returning partly cloudy and slightly drier air moves in. for tonight then, flood watch until 3:00. cooler and rain and showers ending before midnight. lows in the 60s and winds northwest at 5-10. let me show you live doppler. and this will show you very well, we're not out of the woods yet in terms of any precipitation but its all light to moderate from frederick, down towards leesberg and front royal and heavy down toward la plata and south of fredericksberg and that is it. we'll go back to the computer. lows tonight, haven't said this in a while. everybody should be in the 60s. 65 in reston, 64 in leesberg.
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and 64 in college park. tomorrow morning, sunny and warm and temperatures in the 70s and 80s. by the afternoon, temperatures still in the upper 80s and a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm, winds light all afternoon. let's talk about the satellite picture, radar combined. you can see the last little wave is almost gone. this was the first wave this morning that hammered us and delmarva. that is history. once we get through this, skies will dry up, so to speak, into tomorrow morning. next seven days, upper 80s on thursday, 91 on friday. we're back in the low 90s on friday, saturday and sunday. but again we're dry on saturday. more storms on sunday and a good chance, once again, of thunderstorms on monday and tuesday. that will keep temperatures in the 80s, clearing out again on wednesday. >> thanks. deadly flooding sweeping across parts of asia during monsoon season. we'll check out the latest from pakistan, india and china next. [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon.
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a mudslide in india crush aid school and killed at least 18 children this morning. rescuers are searching for ten
5:25 pm
more absent teachers still thought to be buried in the rubble. heavy monsoon rains have caused mudslides and the monsoon season continues through october. the heavy rains have led to devastating flooding in pakistan. as many as 1600 people are dead and another 2 million are homeless after thousands of villages washed away. the united nations is calling for $459 million in international aid and about half of that has come insofar. >> we are going to continue to see pictures of people in a desperate situation for sometime. >> aid workers say more than 3 million children are at risk for disease and starvation and forecasters warn that the floodwaters wouldn't recede for months. torrential rains are being blamed for mudslides in china. tonight rescuers are looking for 67 people in a village near
5:26 pm
mere and mar. a massive cleanup effort continues where last month's flooding and mudslide buried more than a thousand people. in the philippines, 41 people died when a passenger bus plunged into a 100 feet ravine. police say nine passengers survived. four of the dead, including a filipino-american family on the way back to the u.s. after visiting relatives. you not driver of the pus survived. he said he was not speeding and that the brakes on the bus failed. in russia, a cruise ship carrying hundreds of u.s. and german tourists collided with a barge this morning. now the ship ended up with a hole in the starboard side but none of the 300 people on board were hurt. coming up next, new at 5:30, being ready for the storm. a look at what you need to know about flood insurance up next. ,s
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right now, new at 5:30, in one likes to hear a baby cry. now a new study is giving hopes to parents whose kids have colic a treatment that may stop the tears. first snacks and then bags and pillows, find out what an airline wants to charge for now. and all of this rain can mean
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flooding inside and out. lesli has key information every homeowner needs about flood insurance. and let's get right to it. and the best line of defense is flood insurance. and if you don't have it, you are not covered. new at 5:30, it's the reality for a family dealing with the damage of a recent storm and what it left behind. >> we're not in a floodplain so you would never expect something like this to happen. >> reporter: but last thursday when ridel family lost power, the subpump failed and ravaged everything within reach. >> and we're just trying to pick up the pieces and the insurance company said they won't pay a dime. >> reporter: most people assume homeowners policy will protect them, but without flood insurance you are on the hook for thousands of dollars in clean-up, repair and restoration. >> people just assume the
5:31 pm
homeowners policy will cover everything. >> reporter: billy simons said even with flood insurance, if water flows in your basement, you are mostly out of luck. >> your big screen tv and your couch and the carpet in your basement are not going to be covered. your boiler, your heater and that sort of thing will be covered. >> reporter: you can get flood insurance from most insurance agents and typically it will pay up to $250,000 to rebuild your home and up to $100,000 to replace the contents. as long as those contents are on the ground floor or above, in just a week since the work began to repair this silver spring home, the owners are out of $7,000. so do you need this kind of safety net? well if you live in parts of georgetown or old town alexandria, near rock creek park or glen echo or near water in the path of a dam or near a valley, the policy could be money well spent to protect you from the unexpected. >> it does happen. as we found out. >> reporter: now to find out if
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your home is at risk, put your agent to work. if you purchased flood insurance, you should know, there is a waiting period of 30 days before it's fully activement and while you are checking on that policy, you might also want to ask about sewer back-up protection. follow me, anita, because that could be an unsightly and smelly problem and you don't want to have to deal with it on your own. >> can't imagine. thank you. the south carolina woman accused of killer her two young sons made her first appearance in court today. during the hearing, shaquan duley told the judge she's sad and remorseful for what she's done. shoes accused of suffocating the boys with they are bare hands and strapping them in their car seats before rolling her car into a river. police released some of the 911 calls in the case today. >> are they trapped in the vehicle? >> they are trapped in the vehicle. yes, uh-huh. >> is she trapped in the vehicle as well? >> no. she got out, some kind of way.
5:33 pm
>> investigators say she has confessed to killing the boys but the family don't believe she's being treated fairly by investigators. memorial service will be held this weekend for a virginia man killed in afghanistan. 25-year-old brian carderely will be laid to rest. he was one of ten volunteers shot and killed august 5th during a medical aid mission. the 2009 james madison graduate was documenting the work being done by a kabul based christian group. two teens killed in a car accident this weekend. darryn medford and steven dixon died after dixon lost control of his car. the boys were coming back from a concert. the 16-year-old girl in the backseat of the car survived. a 22-year-old man in the other man that they hit also had just minor injuries. tonight's vigil starts at 6:30 at battlefield high school in haymarket. more than 25 current and former u.s. politicians,
5:34 pm
including vice president joe biden, are in alaska tonight to pay tribute to former senator ted stevens. funeral services are set to begin in anchorage at the top of the hour. he is one of five people who died in a plane crash in alaska last monday. four people survived, including former nasa chief sean o'keefe, his son, jim mort hard and willie phillips, jr., of georgetown. phillips is now out of the hospital. if you want extra leg room or want to sit in the front of the plane it will cost you on american airlines. they will now start charging passengers between 19 and $39 for the first rows of the coach section. in order to get these express seats you have to purchase the ticket at an airport kiosk the day before or up to 50 minutes before your flight. american said you can still reserve nonexpress seats at no
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additional charge. cool, gray and wet today. but what about tonight? here topper shutt -- oh, it's brighter out there. >> temperature wise it's nice and it is humid. but right now we are on a break of precipitation. and the threat of flooding is history too. here is your forecast now out and about. for tonight, 6:00, temperatures still in the mid-70s. just a slight chance of a left- over shower. and then by 8:00, maybe a left- over shower. nothing heavy. temperatures until the low 70s and we'll keep it mostly cloudy by 10:00 and temperatures still in the 70s. so temperatures don't move that much. let me show you live doppler 9000. and we're looking at light activity back to the west. really extending from about 81 into town, into fairfax and through 66. now the heaviest activity is down to the south and this is really going to be short lived. down toward la plata, down 301, will move off to the east. we'll put this into motion for the next hour. where will it go?
5:36 pm
it will diminish in intensity and moving south of hughesville. so the flood watch continues but i think the threat is over. more on the 7-day coming um. lesli and anita back to you. the cbs evening news is less than an hour away. harry smith joins us live from new york city with a preview. good evening. >> good evening. press obama insists the economy is getting better. are we really on the road to recovery. and are this year's incoming freshman ready for college? we'll look at their a.c.t. scores and we'll have those stories and more tonight only on the evening news right after 9 news now. thank you. coming up, you may have heard the one about the chicken crossing the road. what about an elephant? what happened when this one tried? that's next. and new at 6:00 -- >> it was here in this quiet brookeville community a police officer's car was broken into, his gun stolen. now an arrest in the case. details coming up.
5:37 pm
and don't forget we are always on at stay with us. 9 news now continues right after the break.
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5:39 pm
caught on tape tonight, a big obstacle for drivers in india. traffic came to a stand still for an hour after a fully grown elephant strayed on to the highway. apparently the pachyderm wouldn't let anybody get by so they have to sit and wait. >> he just came out for a little walk. he was at a nearby wildlife sanctuary. in north carolina, a closeen counter for a sheriff. the deputy stopped to help a truck. the thing is the truck was carrying beehives and the bees decided they likes the deputies car more than their hive.
5:40 pm
look at all of that. a beekeeper from north carolina state university was called in to help corral the buzzing insects. he used smoke to get them back to their hive. >> he's like i'm not getting out of this car. hopefully nothing swarming out there on the roads tonight patranya. no bees out there but a lot of brutal traffic. this is north side of the beltway. delays begin at coldsville down to wisconsin on the outer loop, that's where a crash is now on the left shoulder but the delay is remaining up there on the southbound of the beltway where we have another crash at telegraph on the inner loop. two left lanes remain blocked there. to the next camera, river road and whittier boulevard, all lanes are still blocked. go to wilson to get back down on to river. it's going to be a heavy one on wilson down to river road. and finally in d.c., canal road still closed between arizona and macarthur due to high- standing water. a lot of traffic at fox hall approaching the key bridge.
5:41 pm
back to you. i'm brett haber in virginia. donovan mcnabb has been with the redskins for a month but is he the leader of this team. and what is the status of his relationship with mike shanahan. my chat with the qb coming up. and the pollen reading. did not get a break on pollen. record rainfall for the date. weeds in the medium range and mold spores are in the medium range. we'll come back and talk about the next round and when the flood watch will finally expire. ask your friends, they probably have a favorite. up next, the latest trend in grabbing a bite to go. if you fight to sleep in the middle of the night,
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cleans a dirty shower in days. then keeps it clean. scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner. we work hard so you don't have to! go to for money-saving coupons. [ female announcer ] sc johnson. a family company. come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. one of the hottest trends in d.c. dining has no fixed address. traveling food trucks have come a long way from the hot dog stand to include everything
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from italian to indian to dessert. jessica doyle knows how to find your favorite. >> reporter: from the music to the tour bans and fake mustache to the joke. >> i don't have to work out. i'm so tie tight it's ridiculous. >> reporter: there is something different about this d.c. food truck. the brothers traveling culinary carnival. >> it's the best curry in town. >> reporter: they each have a special dance. >> the mar linda mad hock. >> reporter: they think it's as spicy as the curb side indian food. brother peter goes by the name capoto. >> he's thought of government and politics and lawyers, and how can you not have a quirky food truck like this in the city. >> reporter: food truck fanatics are using twitter to locate their favorite trucks. >> they update it on twitter
5:46 pm
and gow -- and they go where they are. >> reporter: this one showed up five minutes after they pulled in. >> but they have close competition from d.c. pizza trucks and others. sweet bites specialized in bakery items just hit 1,000 followers. >> we're here on the street, very high-end and gourmet. >> reporter: and the brothers cook with energy contexts, the money goes to help d.c. youth. >> in order for the food trucks to stop, they have to have a line waiting so that's part of the reason why they use twitter and other social media to get you out there. and jessica adds there is a website using google maps to track the location of your favorite food truck in realtime. you can find the link attached to her story at not the prettiest day for it, but the arlington county fair kicks off today.
5:47 pm
the gates just opened at 5:00 and it's from tonight until 10:00 p.m. it continues through sunday at the thomas jefferson community center. of course once the fairs and all of the summer fun and beach trips is over, it's time to head back to school. you can find the list of school start days at just click on extras. radio talk show host dr. lara is leaving her show. she said she wants to, quote, regain her first amendment rights. she's been embroiled in controversy for repeating the n- word over the air and she apologized for using the word last week. she told larry king she's not quitting or retiring but she'll leave the show at the end of the year. we don't have skyscrapers here in d.c. like those you see in other major u.s. city but perhaps we can take a page from this guy in ohio. dan brown is trying to set a record for the tallest lego tower. look at that thing. so far he has a 100-foot structure made from small
5:48 pm
practice bricks. the current record was put together by 2,000 people. brown thinks he can do it all by himself with 124,000 pieces of lego. >> that would give me such a headache, even attempting that. >> isn't that like a full time job? is he in an elevator shaft? >> this is in his house. >> our producer said that's in his house. >> you do that on your free time? >> honey, could you cut the grass and pull the legos down. move away from the legos. we are still under a flood watch, but the threat is over. still some left over light rain or showers. that's about it. let's look at your forecast first. the next three days, temperatures go back into the upper 80s tomorrow. again dulles 1.39 inches of rain for a daily record rainfall day. mr. maybeer, good to see you. >> thank you. >> and 90s on saturday but hot
5:49 pm
for the preseason game on saturday night. we'll break down tomorrow. 72 in the morning, 82 by lunchtime, 88 by evening. a thumb of thunderstorms few and far between. i'll show you the watch. i think the danger is over but the watch continues but it continues for loud county, montgomery county and howard county south. my hunch is they will allow it to expire. winds northwest at 5-10. and you can access this on our website at everything is light. heaviest activity is pushing to the east of la plata toward hughesville and then continuing off to the east as well. so we're looking at very little. next hour it weakens and moves eastward toward the bay. we'll look at temperatures. lows tonight in the 60s, 69 downtown and 67 in fairfax. tomorrow morning becoming partly sunny and warm. temperatures in the 70s and 80s but dry.
5:50 pm
by afternoon, partly sunny and warmer. a slight chance of a thunderstorm. high temperatures in the upper 80s. light winds. next 7 days. 88 tomorrow, low 90s, friday, saturday and sunday. we'll keep saturday dry. we'll bookend it with storms on the saturday and sunday. a much better chance for storms on monday and tuesday. and because of that temperatures will hold in the 80s, back in the upper 80s with sunshine on wednesday. >> thank you. so did you think it felt weird when donovan mcnabb came out wearing a redskins uniform. >> i thought it felt weird initially, but if he gets us to the playoffs then i'm over it. and so will everybody else be. for a guy who spent 11 years feeling the hatred of redskins fans. in four short months he's managed to erase those memory and become the on the of love and affection. but once the season starts and mcnabb doesn't produce, that won't last. i sat down with him yesterday
5:51 pm
at redskins camp as he finds himself a way around this alien environment. >> and mcnabb over the top. touchdown. >> reporter: he's been a redskin for four months now. gone through three weeks of training camp, but when donovan mcnabb took the field wearing burgundy and gold on friday night, even he had to admit -- >> it did feel weird. but the whole thing about it is you kinda have to get back to being yourself. the fans are cheering and you look around and the colors are different. and the first play call is one you're not used to running in 11 years, but this is what the preseason is for. >> reporter: perhaps the most pressing goal is to develop a bond with mike shanahan. remember in his 11 nfl seasons donovan has only had andy reid. and unless your quarterback and your head coach trust each other, you're offense is nowhere. >> do you trust him? >> do i trust him? trust is built. and do i trust him right now? yes. >> do you feel that he trusts
5:52 pm
you? >> i believe so. i believe so. >> reporter: and the same can be said of donovan's new teammates. mcnabb said the redskins locker room accepted him as their leader on the very day he arrived. >> i think they all kind of got accustomed of my style. rah-rah is something i do. i make sure they understand what i'm thinking and try to give them good results. >> one good result would be a win october 3rd, the first return trip to philadelphia. but if he expect him to get all fired up about paying back his former employers, he won't take that bait. not even this much extra i want to stick it to them? >> no. i've had 11 years there. it was an exciting 11 years. playing tough teams, battling, winning, having a high winning percentage, whatever it may be, but the whole thing about it is we move on and keep that same
5:53 pm
approach. >> that's a total stock answer. you know he wants to stick it to the eagles when they play. >> he's classy. >> he's classy but he's -- as jim zorn would say, he's medium. he won't have to play long. the redskins play philly in week four there and in week nine here. and by the way, while we're speaking about veteran quarterbacks, you probably heard about this today. the brett favre saga is finally over. the three-time mvp back for the 20th season of the he practiced with the vikings today. we'll have his comments from after that practice coming up at 6:20. and to that i say -- >> you're going to have to say his name again, brett. >> i said i would say his name once he made a decision. now i'm fine with it. i don't like the whole con stern ating. up next, the sound of a baby crying can break anybody's heart but a new study can help keep the peace for new parents. we'll be right back into and coming up new at 6:00, caught
5:54 pm
on tape, an accident at an airshow forces a plane to spin out of control. how the pilot was able to walk away without a scratch. ú
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
more good news from wall street today, the dow rose 10 points. nasdaq finished the day six and a quarter points higher and the s&p 500 climbed 1.5 points. in tonight's health alert, what you put on your kids plate
5:57 pm
could be increasing the risk of attention deficit hyperreactivity disorder. this is a new study in the june of pediatrics showing children with high level of pesticide in their urine has a high chance of adhd. it's good to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables but pesticide is higher on some produce. experts say buy organic and wash all produce well. as a parent with a colicky baby, if you know that feeling, it is extremely stressful and heartbreaking. you don't know what to do. nobody wants to hear their infant cry for hours for no apparent reason. but there is a possible treatment that could help stop the tears. >> by day, 4-month-old everily is a normal baby girl. but at night colic turns her into another child. >> she screams, she yells, she turned beat red. she colleges her fist, like
5:58 pm
she's fighting someone. >> reporter: now ali and other moms with colicky infants may have something to soothe their babies. a small study in the journal of pediatrics found infants that took a daily drop of a probiotic substance, healthy bacteria that help the stomach, helped. doctors aren't sure what causes colic. when diagnosing the condition, doctors refer to the rule of threes, crying for more than three hours, three days a week, for three weeks in a row. probiotic products for babies are already on the market but parents should check with a pediatrician before adding it to your child's diet. >> not every probiotic is the same and not every baby that cries has colic. >> reporter: but ali would welcome a remedy. >> i've been swaddling here, trying to soothe her with the
5:59 pm
pacifier. >> good news here. colic usually goes away by the time the baby is six months old as they're digestive system develops. and probiotics are in yogurt, yeast and supplements. thanks for joining us for 9 news now at 5:00. 9 news now at 6:00 starts right now. washed out roads, trees down and lights out. tonight many of us are trying to clean up after the flooding nightmare. good evening, i'm lesli foster. this morning's rain soaked the ground and causing highed into waters. let's get to topper shutt. we'll show you live doppler 9000 and there are still some showers out there. we had showers out toward leesberg but they are light and they won't add more to the flooding. a couple of light showers around d.c. and down toward the airport. heavier showers toward la plata and points east and


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